Fundraising Professionals & Volunteers

Fundraising Well is dedicated to helping you develop your knowledge, skills, confidence, and leadership to unleash your full potential.  

With our executive coaching and educational services for fundraising professionals you will soon be making greater positive change in the world.  Investing in yourself has never been more meaningful.  Join us and maximize your impact for good.


Coaching Services

Team Training & Facilitation

Team Training & Facilitation


Fundraising & Executive Coaching

We provide coaching to help you achieve your full potential as a fundraising professional or volunteer.

With our coaches you will develop your relationship management and solicitation skills, build your understanding of various funding streams and identify the best fits for you, and chart out a career development plan to help you navigate towards your ultimate goals.  

Additionally, we offer Executive Coaching to help you uncover the secrets to effectively recruit, manage, and retain exceptional fundraising talent.  We'll provide you with a few simple tools to better understand fundraising and your fundraising staff, so you can more effectively community and build solid relationships to move your organization forward. 

Team Training & Facilitation

Team Training & Facilitation

Team Training & Facilitation


Team Training & Retreat Facilitation

We provide customized training for your team.  

Launching a capital campaign?  Struggling with diversity, equity, and inclusion with your internal or external stakeholders?  Taking your Board through strategic planning?  Want to innovate your PTA's fundraising?  Recruiting help with the next fundraising round for your new venture? 

Whatever your specific team need, we have the tools and experience to facilitate training sessions for large and small groups, team retreats for vision setting and annual planning, and workshops on collaboration and diversity/inclusion/equity.

Fundraising Well has more than 12 years of live training to help your team build pathways to success!

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