The Fundraising Well team has served more than 50 families in their philanthropic planning, giving strategies, and management of their grantmaking and impact investing.  We would be honored to work with you and your family.  


Philanthropic Planning and Advising Services

Philanthropic Planning

Big Bets for Social Returns

Grant Making & Management


 Your Vision and Legacy are our Priority

Fundraising Well works closely with wealth holders and their advisers to appropriately and effectively integrate philanthropy into your financial planning.

We take great care to work with you to identify your giving interests and priorities, and develop a plan for you to maximize the impact you can make with considerations for your family and other financial investments.

Using all the various tools in the philanthropic toolbox, we can craft creative, effective ways to provide meaningful philanthropy opportunities for you to create purposeful investment in your community and around the world.

Grant Making & Management

Big Bets for Social Returns

Grant Making & Management


Giving Your Way

We provide customized grantmaking and grants management services to support your philanthropy your way.

Our team can work with you to establish or revise your grantmaking, based upon your philanthropic vision.  

Whether it's developing an RFP and guidelines and processes for your grantmaking, managing all aspects of proposal and report collection for your priority causes, or serving as a liaison or advocate - depending on the appropriate level for your personal engagement with your charities of choice - Fundraising Well is ready to assist you.

Big Bets for Social Returns

Big Bets for Social Returns

Big Bets for Social Returns


Make Transformational Change

Are you looking for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that are solving society's biggest issues with incredible impact?

Fundraising Well is a leader in social impact investing services.  We will identify organizations and enterprises that provide the greatest social returns that align with your giving interests and priorities.  We will perform due diligence on the organization and identify peers who are invested and involved.  We'll also provide counsel and careful partnership with your introduction to and interactions with the organization to assist you in determining if it is the right fit and big bet for you.

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Schedule a complimentary consultation to determine what your specific needs are and how we can help meet them and help you maximize your potential for social impact through your philanthropy.  

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